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Connect your videoask to HubSpot

If you'd like more ways to track and manage responses with your team, you can connect your videoask to HubSpot. This will automatically create a new contact and display responses in the HubSpot activity feed when you receive a new response to your videoask.

When you set up the integration, you'll have the opportunity to map videoask steps to fields in your HubSpot contact properties. This will allow you to use a videoask to automatically fill in information about a HubSpot contact.

Note: A HubSpot account is required.

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Set up the integration

View your responses in HubSpot

Edit the integration

Disconnect a videoask from HubSpot


Set up the integration

⚠️ Important: If you connected a videoask to HubSpot before October 7th, 2021, you'll need to reconnect it to the newer HubSpot integration by following these steps:


Log in to your VideoAsk account and select the videoask you want to connect to HubSpot. Click the Connect icon.



Next to HubSpot, click Connect.



Click New authentication. If you've connected to HubSpot previously, click on the dropdown and select the HubSpot account you'd like to connect.


💡 Tip: If you have more than one HubSpot account connected and don't need all of them, you can delete the HubSpot account from VideoAsk to tidy things up and make things easier for editing or connecting other videoasks to HubSpot.

Click on the dropdown menu and hit the trash can icon next to the HubSpot account to delete it from VideoAsk. Make sure there isn't an active connection with the account you're wanting to delete, otherwise, you won't be able to remove the HubSpot account.



Now it's time to connect VideoAsk to your HubSpot account. A popup window will appear. If you have more than one HubSpot account, choose the account you'd like to connect to and click Choose account.


Note: You may be prompted to log into your HubSpot account at this stage.


When the authentication has been successfully created, an account name will be created. Click Next.



Now it's time to map contact form fields and steps in your videoask to HubSpot's contact properties from the dropdown menus. You can only map videoask questions to HubSpot's Contact Object.

Click Add new mapping to add more fields.


⚠️ Important: In order for this integration to work successfully you must collect respondents' email addresses on your contact form. 

If you don't, the integration won't work and details collected in your videoask will not be passed over to your HubSpot account. Make sure you've enabled the contact form in your videoask to collect respondents' details and that the email field is set to required.


When you've mapped the fields you'd like to send to your HubSpot account, click Finish.


Now when you receive a new response to this videoask, the information you've mapped will appear in your HubSpot account and a new contact will be created. 🎉

The following fields will be sent automatically to your HubSpot account as long as you've collected them in your videoask contact form:

  • Name 
  • Email
  • Phone number

This means that even if you do not map these fields when setting up the integration, they will be pulled through (along with the fields you have mapped) to your HubSpot account.

Note: It's not possible to map a button answer type step from VideoAsk to HubSpot. As a workaround, we recommend using a multiple-choice answer type instead (but only adding one choice). This will be the same respondent experience as a button answer type but will allow you to map the data collected to your HubSpot account.

Looking to update existing contacts in HubSpot from videoask responses? Take a peek at how to update existing contacts in HubSpot with Zapier.

View your responses in HubSpot


New videoask responses will automatically create a new contact in HubSpot. These will be displayed in your Contacts list.



To view the details of a response, click the contact Name.



Go to Filter activities.



Under the Integrations heading, ensure that VideoAsk is enabled. If two options for VideoAsk are displayed, please tick both. Once enabled, VideoAsk interactions with this contact will show up in their feed. 



The fields you mapped from VideoAsk will display in the left-hand sidebar.



In the Activity tab, you can see which videoask this contact came from.


💡 Pro tip: You can also add the Videoask source to your properties sidebar to display the name of the videoask your lead came from and the videoask form ID.

Use this information to analyze and compare how effective different videoasks are from a lead generation perspective.


Find out more about managing properties in HubSpot.


Click the dropdown arrow to see more options: you can Go to contact on VideoAskReply on VideoAsk or See the response from within your HubSpot account.



You can play a video or audio response, view the transcript and download the .mp4 files from within HubSpot.


Note: If you have a file upload answer type in your videoask, you can download the files that respondents have uploaded from directly within your HubSpot account.


To reply using VideoAsk, select Reply on VideoAsk.


Edit the integration


From your videoask, click Connect.



Scroll down to HubSpot and click Edit this integration.



Update the desired fields and click Finish.


Disconnect a videoask from HubSpot

If you'd like to stop sending responses from VideoAsk to HubSpot, you can disconnect your videoask at any time. This will not delete any information that has already been sent to HubSpot, but it will immediately stop sending any new information from VideoAsk.


Click the Connect icon on the videoask currently connected to HubSpot.



Scroll down to HubSpot and click Disconnect in the connect panel.



That's it! New responses will no longer be sent to your HubSpot account.


When I map fields from VideoAsk to Hubspot, I don’t see the appropriate contact property in the dropdown menu. What can I do?

In this case, you might want to create your own custom properties in HubSpot to accurately map your videoask questions to the appropriate HubSpot contact properties.

Once you’ve added a custom property to your HubSpot account, this will be visible in the dropdown menu in the integrations panel of your VideoAsk account when mapping fields.

I want to map other objects, not just contact properties (e.g., company properties or deal properties). Is this possible?

Currently, it’s only possible to map to HubSpot contact properties but we’re working on enabling mapping to other objects, so stay tuned!

Can I map a Multiple Choice answer type question from VideoAsk to HubSpot?

Yes, you can! However, keep in mind that you will need to map to a text field in HubSpot. If multiple selection is enabled for your multiple choice question, answers chosen by your respondent will be separated by a comma in HubSpot. 

I can't see some of the Contact properties I've mapped to in my HubSpot account, what's going on?

Only text and number field types can be selected from HubSpot contact properties as destination properties, but there are some other considerations to take into account as to why some fields may not be displaying in HubSpot:

  • It is a "read-only" field so cannot be edited.
  • HubSpot has marked the field as "hidden".
  • It is a "calculated" field so cannot be filled in manually.

If a field you have mapped does not display in your HubSpot account, we recommend taking a look at this article about HubSpot's default contact properties or reaching out to HubSpot support for further assistance.

I've set up the integration but data is not arriving in my HubSpot account, can you help?

First of all, make sure you've set up your videoask to collect respondents' email addresses and that you've made this a required field in your contact form. This is a requirement for the integration to work. 

If that doesn't fix things, it might be worth checking your HubSpot settings; if you've marked some properties as "required" when creating a contact in HubSpot, you need to make sure that you've mapped these fields when setting up the integration; otherwise, the integration won't work and the data will not reach your HubSpot account.

If a contact already saved in my HubSpot account replies to a videoask using a different name/spelling to that saved in HubSpot (but with the same email address), will a new contact be created?

Nope! The system will match the email addresses and new responses to videoasks will display in the (already saved) contact's activity.

If you've added multiple email addresses to a single contact in HubSpot, it doesn't matter which of these email addresses your respondent adds to the contact form in your videoask: any new responses will display in the contact's activity (and no new contact will be created). 

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